Hawaii beach weddings

Beach Wedding Ideas

 A great wedding is one, where everyone has fond memories of the whole affair. It is not easy to pull off a great wedding unless you have thought of everything. It has to go smoothly and seem effortless. However, a lot of planning and hard work goes into a wedding, which looks easy but is smooth. It is a once in a lifetime affair and you want everyone to remember it, not for the mishaps but for its successes

Hawaii beach wedding colors of pinks and orange

 You have many choices when it comes to locales. If you have made your choice to have a beach wedding, then you are certainly not alone. However, you can do things differently to differentiate yourself from the crowd. You can have different wedding themes, which portray your wedding in a light never used by anyone.


Photo credit Sunset on the beach Hawaii

 You could have a shell theme, where all the party favors are in shells. The wedding dress is made of shells joined together and shells instead of cans behind the car, which whisks the bride and groom away. You can have the money put in little shells and shells could decorate the podium where the wedding is going to be. Make little lamps out of shells for each table and bigger ones to light the area in case it is an evening wedding. You could even serve appetizers from shell bowls. You could do all or some of these depending on your budget.

cake20with20star20gazers20by20a20conch20shell20and20lava20rocks Cake @ beach wedding in Hawaii

Another idea would be the Antique theme. Have everything decorated in a rustic atmosphere. Throw in an old boat with some angler’s lines to give it that authentic look. The bride and groom could get dressed in native wedding garb, and so can the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. You could make it whimsical with a horse to bring the groom on and a carriage decorated in antiques for the bride and grooms to ride off into the sunset. The effect will be chic. Everyone who attends your wedding will remember it forever.

Hawaii Wedding Song
When it comes to having the perfect wedding, there is no comparison to a Hawaiian theme the video above is a wedding couple sharing their first dance together as husband and wife . It is more of a traditional theme, but it works. The food and drinks can be Hawaiian, the dresses could be made of real grass and a coconut bra could well put final additions on your ensemble. Have a seafood theme to your dinner or plan a luau where a big man can serve as cook with the traditional dress on, along with some Hawaiian hula girls to help him. Better yet money permitting, hold the whole affair in Hawaii. At least you will not have to go far for a honeymoon. It makes for an authentic look and they know much better as to what is required. Add some of your own touches to the whole affair to make it different from others. Throw in some party favors that have a beach motif. Dress up the groom differently. Get rooms facing the beach for all your guests? Have all your guests wear Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

 If you wish to be completely different from most people, you could plan a Papua New Guinea style beach wedding. The bride and groom could dress up in raggedy clothes, modesty suggests we wear something or you could be brave and not wear much for that authentic feel. You could carry staffs to make it look real. The complete wedding area could be like one of their villages. You could arrive and depart by boat. Your groomsmen and bridesmaids would make a good rowing team. Strings of artificial bones would be the decorations. You could design the honeymoon cottage like the huts they have in those parts. It would be nice to have the bride carried off to the boats by the groom. You could even have each groomsmen carry the bridesmaids off. Instead of having traditional wedding cakes, have authentic sweets baked to give it the natural feel.


The traditional Indian wedding is another theme you could try. Have a typical Hindu style wedding but instead of the local priest hire a minister. Have the decorations all in the Indian style, including the dresses. Saris take a lot of getting used to so we suggest you start getting used to them as soon as possible. Have Indian sweets instead of the wedding cake and several bagpipe players instead of a band. The party favors could have an Indian theme. The groom could be dressed in authentic Indian garb in white and would ride a white horse. Horses can traverse the sand better than any other mode of transportation.
There are certain things about a Beach wedding that you have to consider. One is sand. It can blow on everything, so have food guards installed if you plan a buffet or keep the food covered for a sit down meal. You also want to be careful about electronic equipment. Sand and electronics do not mix and so you have to consider protecting it from the elements. Water is also not good for your equipment. Make sure your items stay away from moisture.
It can get very hot at the beach if you have your wedding in the daytime close to summer. Dress appropriately and have your guests do the same. There is a big difference between a church wedding and a beach wedding. Most of your guests will be barefoot, so accept the fact that it will be an informal affair. Especially if you choose, one of the nontraditional weddings described earlier.

Photo shoot of wedding couple at lanikai beach in Hawaii

Some beaches can be loud so choose one that is not. Also, look at the sand, and select one, which has fine sand. If you have to choose one that is coarse, then you have to plan for proper footwear for your guests and you.
What about those pesky bugs? They get into everything and some beaches are full of them. Have a bug spray or other devices to take care of the problem.You also might need to get permission from the local authority for you affair. Do not leave everything for the last moment.



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