Hawaii wedding setup with the theme colors of blue and white with Hawaiian greenery on the sides of the aisle way
Beach ceremony with blue and white colors on the arch with Hawaiian tiki torches of flowers

Here are some tips to keep in mind so that you can make the most important day of your life, your wedding, a memorable one for you, your guests, and family.

Tips for a Hawaii beach theme wedding

  • Often, beach weddings are hosted in locations which are warm, sunny, and bright. This is to capture the essence of the occasion. Although you could choose a public beach to celebrate and they are popular among many couples, yet it is still best to choose secluded beaches as they offer an entirely special and unique peal to the whole affair. The reason being that public beaches won’t be able to give you the privacy that you and your guests need. Furthermore, they are going to be noisy and will drown out your celebrations and be a messy affair. Chances are that many other couples are also looking forward to a beach wedding due to the simplicity and elegance it offers. So, the best thing is to book way beforehand the event. If possible take a walk through the location and ask around the authorities about the traffic and parking in the area so that your guests do not have any problems on the final day. Other than that, ensure to look after your guests’ security and beach theme weddingaccessibility issues. The end goal is to ensure that your guests do not have to complain about anything.

Photo source  Hawaiian wedding 



Fire torches blow up to the sky
Newly wedded couple in Waikiki kiss by the fire torches for their photo shoot
  • To complete the beach wedding attire completely, nothing beats attending the occasion bare foot or with sandals embedded with shells and stones. Men and women both can wear local flowers from the forest of Hawaii to match the occasion . The groom or groomsmen often wear casual attire for example , a pair of loose flowing shirts to their khaki shorts. In short, the occasion is a casual and symbolizes a moment of freedom to have all the fun they want at the beach.
  • Last but not the least, keep the weather in mind. After all it is the beach. So, make preparations like tents or a nearby shelter where your guests could take shelter if the weather gets bad.

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