Quintessential beach weddings in Hawaii

There is a long history behind Hawaii beach weddings. Perhaps that
is because the people that live in Hawaii island chain pride themselves on
being in the lead when it comes to doing things different and uniquely .
Some say it is because of the beautiful beaches that stretch for miles and miles.
Hawaii wedding bride holds a dark pink plumeria bouquetOahu beach wedding bride with plumeria flowers at her wedding
People come from all over to get married in the state of HawaiiOne of the main reasons is the weather. You can pretty much count on a
perfect day for your wedding anytime of the year when you’re having
your wedding in Hawaii.Because destination beach weddings in Hawaiiare so common there is a large
variety of wedding themes to choose from. There are some people that
go with the fairytale wedding at Disneyland, where the bride gets to
be the princess for the day and live the fairytale wedding of her
dreams. There are also people who choose to get married in a beautiful
country side where the beach meets the sea  which offers a picturesque scene for a background. Some may
even choose to get married at a golf club which overlooks the
beautiful Pacific Ocean.

groom standing under the bamboo arch in Hawaii at his beach wedding photo source :  Oahu beach wedding

It doesn’t matter what type of background people come from or how much
money they have to spend because there is a wedding to be had no
matter what price, at the Hawaiian beaches. Some people prefer to
add a bit of history into their wedding making it more memorable than
most and Maui plus kauai has been pretty famous for such weddings. There
are stately mansions that have provided a historic effect for an old
fashioned wedding with a beach twist for many years now. Many couples
find it very romantic to dress for the part in the historic weddings
and the gowns you can see in these wedding are absolute timeless

No matter what type of venue you go for, the beaches in Hawaii are
sure to have something to suit your needs. You need to keep in mind
that all of the beaches on Oahu are public so people that are
looking for a private beach wedding will not get what they are looking
for. The most common or busiest months for beach weddings are July
through September. It is said that the best time to have a wedding in
this type of atmosphere is just after Labor day. Generally people pick
either the month of October or the month of November. Weddings are
usually in the early afternoon or late mornings as that is the best
time of the day. Spring weddings can be nice as well. The weather is
in the cool 60s to 70s and generally sunny. The month of June tends to
be a bit overcast and may not be ideal for a picture-perfect wedding.
It is a good rule of thumb to avoid the months of July and August as
those are the busiest with holidays. You also should try to stay away
from weekend weddings as that is when everyone is off work and playing
at the beach.

You’ll see the most beach weddings done on Waimanalo ,
Waikiki , Waialae and Makapuu Beach
offers four beautiful public beaches with a paved walkway that leads
down to the sand. There are also public restrooms available for the
wedding guests. This is a very picturesque area and both Picnic Beaches
and areas on Maui are specifically used for weddings. This park is up on a cliff
adorned with beautiful gardens, rock benches as well as palm trees. No
matter which park you choose, you’ll have a breathtaking view and
wonderful memories to last forever.

Flower girl playing with her moms Hawaii wedding bouquet on the beach after the ceremony on Oahu

It depends on what beach you decide to have the wedding on as to
whether or not you can have an arch or chairs brought in. Some beaches
do not allow that, so if you are planning a wedding, then you may want
to take this into consideration before making your choice of where the
wedding should be. There are many beaches that aren’t suitable for
weddings such as Kauai point. This is a harbor and is generally filled
with boats so there really is no place here to have a wedding although
if you are eloping, than there would be plenty of room for just the
two of you here. You can pretty much expect to see weddings in just
about any of the beaches located in Hawaii for the beaches
are known for being the hot spots for exchanging vows.

Even though many of the weddings there are considered beach weddings
they may not actually take place right on the beach. There are many
cliffs that overlook the beach and they keep the entire wedding party
off of the sand while giving the whole beach effect to the event. If
the wedding is held directly on the beach, then the guests as well as
the wedding party need to make arrangements so they can comfortably
walk-through the sand for the ceremony.

Disney Hawaii wedding on the island of Oahu
Micky mouse and Minnie mouse get married in Hawaii

Disney Weddings Hawaii

Some people prefer to have a wedding at sunset. That decision alone
could help make a person’s choice as to which beach they want to be
married on. In Western Hawaii the sun goes down in the ocean so
keep in mind that north shore beaches also Hawaii faces the west and will
get sunsets.

The weather in Hawaii is great for weddings as they do not have
the humidity in Hawaii as many other places do. They also seem to
lack such things as mosquitoes and flies. Ask anyone who lives in the
Southern Oahu beach areas such as Waikiki and they will tell you that being
outdoors there, is both a very pleasant and comfortable experience.
Yes Hawaii beach weddings are truly beautiful events to be a part
of. You actually get to be a part of history in the making and see the
most beautiful beaches while having a great time.

There are many
beaches to choose from so if you are planning to have a wedding on the
beach in any of the 7 islands that Hawaii offers than you need to know
what time of year and to check with a local wedding planner .

By Dewi Hawaii Wedding photographer
808 294 9385


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