Tiara not just a princess crown

A V-Band style of tiara goes around the head and comes down over the forehead in the shape of a V.  This can be a simple tiara without beading or decoration, but is usually wrapped in satin and has some decoration on it.  Some have a dangling jewel that falls over the forehead, others do not.


A comb style tiara can take any shape on the top of the head, but it is installed into the hairdo with the use of a simple comb.  It usually rests on the head like a crown, but can be put as far back on the head or as far forward as the bride prefers.  A discussion with your stylist about how you want to wear your hair the day of your wedding might be helpful in deciding if this type of tiara is right for you.

Another common tiara style is a headband type of tiara.  As the name implies, it is worn simply like a headband, and can come up as high as you wish.  These are pretty simple to place, so if your plan is to do your own hair the day of the event, this might be one of the easier types to choose.

Most tiaras that are worn have the ability to have a veil attached, so you can combine the tiara and the veil if you choose.  The way they are done now, the veil can be made to be removed from the tiara with little fuss, so you can wear the more formal looking veil to a ceremony or in formal pictures, and then when you arrive at your reception and want to dance the night away, you can remove the veil portion, leaving only the tiara in your hair.  This is very popular with brides now who want a more formal and traditional look, but want to be able to let loose and have fun without worrying about the veil getting in the way.
In choosing the tiara that is right for you, take into consideration the shape of your face, your gown, and your hair.  If you have a long face, avoid a tiara that goes up too high and elongates your features.  If you have short hair, consider a more delicate tiara without as much in the way of beading or jewels, like a headband style tiara.  If you red or light brown hair, gold tone tiaras will best suit you.  Platinum blondes and brides with darker hair will look better with a silver tone tiara.

The biggest consideration should be your gown.  First, the adornment on your gown must be taken into consideration.  If you choose a gown that has pearl beading, you can really select a tiara that has both pearls and crystals or diamantes.  But if your gown has no pearl beading on it, you should look for a tiara without pearls, or consider wearing a pearl necklace and earrings to tie the look together.  Pearls also look better with gowns that are ivory or off white, so if you are wearing a pure white gown, consider tiaras that have no pearls.  Consider also any pattern on your dress.  Embroidery or beading in a certain shape can probably be mimicked in your tiara.

If you have always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding where you are the princess, a tiara is really a good way to set that tone.  When your dream wedding ensemble includes items that have you calling to mind the elegance of Princess Grace and the beauty of Princess Diana, then a tiara is the right accessory for you.



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